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Welcome to our new training centre. We will be posting new topics soon.

Getting Started
Introduction   5:49
Creating A New Event   6:13
Event Dashboard Overview   5:17
Event Homepage
Homepage Editor   2:08
Adding Images   3:08
Editing Images   5:58
Formatting With HTML Tables   3:05
Going From Print To Web   8:06
Tickets, Discounts and Watermarks
Understanding Pricing Groups   6:45
Family & Group Tickets   3:30
Discounts And Promotions   3:30
Handling Cash Sales   4:58
Adding A Watermark To Your Ticket   4:02
Data Collection
Introduction To Creating A Form   1:57
Adding Fields To A Form   4:23
Adding A Header   2:20
Exclude Certain Ticket Types   0:50
Reporting/Exporting   3:00
Introduction To Seating   0:37
Creating A Seating Plan   10:56
Adding A Second Section   3:56
Adding A Venue Diagram   2:40
Creating An Event That Uses A Venue   1:29
Editing An Events Seating Plan   4:06
Reserving Seats   2:02
Booking With Seats   1:22

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