Everyday, our friendly customer support team help clients get started online, answer technical questions and provide valuable advice, tips and ideas.

We are committed to ensuring all of your TryBooking experiences run smoothly and to make this even easier, The TryBooking Team has created a number of resources for you to download. Sharing our expertise and clients experiences is what our customers really value and it is these additional pieces of advice that can really make the difference to exceeding your customer expectations.


Planning Guides for Successful Events

Whatever your event or registration need, the TryBooking Team has developed a number of valuable guides that take you through everything you need to know to get started. We provide tips, advice and FAQ's. There are guides for performances, seated dinners, seminars and workshops. Corporate registrations, class enrolements, sporting events, fundraisers and festivals. We cover all these events and much more to ensure your ticketing experience exceeds expectations.

Technical Step by Step Setup References

These technical references include screen shots to visually guide you through every step of the set up for common types of events and for specific product features. In this section we have also included some basic implementation fact sheets which cover issues to consider when setting up and promoting your event.

Training Videos

Our new training videos show you everything you need to know from 'set up' to utilising some of the more technical features of TryBooking, such as setting up ticket prices, seating plans or promotional codes. Sit back, relax and enjoy our brief visual demonstrations so you can hit the ground running!

Gatekeeper - Ticket Scanning

Slash entry time for large events with Gatekeeper, our free software that operates on wireless nodes from any laptop or netbook computer. It can be used remotely and does not require internet access and can be used to scan tickets at multiple entry points.

Gatekeeper has been designed to use with very basic scanners or you can hire ours for a nominal fee. And that's the only charge. There is no training required and the software can be downloaded here for free!

RFID Gate Entry

The RFID wristband scanner is our newest scanning system that is set to eliminate crowd congestion and fraudulent behaviour at event entrances. This scanning system which can scan over 30,000 patrons in minutes, is making the entry validation process easier and safer than ever before

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