You're in control

TryBooking is a do-it-yourself, web-based booking system. Everything you need to set up online ticketing, registrations and bookings is free. There is no software or modules to purchase and you don't pay for third party set-up or require any special training. If you need any assistance, we're just a phone call away.

Surely there is some cost?

There is only a cost when you receive payment for your bookings. People who book your event will pay just 30c cents per ticket. You only cover the bank transaction fee. More about pricing.

Are you running a Free Event?s

Good news! When you run an event that does not require payment, everything on TryBooking is free. That's right, you can accept all the free bookings you want for absolutely no cost.

What can I use TryBooking for?

How to buy tickets online

The ticket purchasing process is simple, and unlike many ticketing systems, doesn't require an account or password to purchase tickets.

Ticket purchasers are guided through the steps, pay using a credit card and instantly print tickets and receipts from their own printer. If it's a seated event, customers can even choose their own seats online.

Your attendees can access your event to book through your unique event URL (eg. that you can link to your website, emails, advertisements and promotional material, or by searching the list of events on

How to sell tickets online

  1. Create an account.

    It's free and takes about 2 minutes. Through your account you can access the Dashboard where you manage all aspects of your event(s).

    click here to see the Main Account Dashboard

  2. Ready to start selling? (or just have a practice run)

    This simple process takes just a few minutes and with the help of the set-up wizard, you will be guided to enter the key details of your event. You can make changes to these details at any time, even after you've published the event.

  3. Tickets

    If you are collecting money, you will be asked to create at least one Ticket Type. Later, through your Dashboard, you can create discount codes and ticket styles. Each step will be preceded with a question or prompt and there is always a help feature to provide guidance.

    During the set-up, you will also set the Booking Date for your event. Once your event is created, you can easily add additional dates to your event via your Dashboard.

    click here to see the Event Dashboard

  4. It's that easy!

    Now you've got the basics of your online ticketing finished, click Create Event and you'll automatically get a personalised URL for easy event marketing. You can use this link to direct attendees to your booking page via your website, emails, posters and other promotional material.

    Now, with your event created, you can return to your Dashboard and add or update details at any time.

  5. Have it your way

    Once your event is created, you can return to add or make changes to any aspect of your event booking.

    • Brand your tickets!

      Upload Logos & Customise Colours.
      Customise your tickets and Event Homepage with logos and images.

    • Create your Interactive Seating Plan.

      Set up a template and you can use your seating plan multiple times and make it available to those that may hire your venue.

    • Issue a refund

      Refunds are easily handled via TryBooking at no extra cost.

    • Add Barcode Scanning

      TryBooking's barcode scanning program, GateKeeper, provides additional security, eliminates ticket duplication and speeds up entry.

    • Make changes

      Add or delete seats, rows, dates, venues, ticket types ... details can be changed at any time before or during your event.

  6. All done!

    Finally you will need to provide a bank account into which your booking funds will be deposited. Once you begin to sell tickets, you can easily track your sales through the Reports on your Dashboard and transfer funds.

Not Ready to start selling just yet?

No problem. Keep your event "Private" so you can further customise your event page and tickets, or so only people you invite to view your event page can see it. Simply go back to your Dashboard and click on Event Publication. You will be asked if this is a Public Event. Use the drop down menu to select No and now your event is your eyes only.

Have your event online in minutes and save the administration, Create your event NOW!

In Control
"The ticketing process was awesome, a lot easier than other festivals I've bought tickets for. Also booking fees were much cheaper than other festivals."
Peter Roberts, Performance
Coordinator, Xavier College

"It was so easy for people to buy tickets. It was our first sell-out performance!"
Brendan, Festival Patron, High
and Dry Festival.

"On the account set up and booking engine etc, I found TryBooking to be by far the most easily accessible and least time consuming web based interface I've used in a long time. Well done on a great product."
Scott Loveday, Curriculum
Manager (The Arts), Carey Baptist
College WA.

"Everyone has been really impressed and excited by your service. It's working really well."
Melinda Airey
ICT Co-ordinatior

"My first event went well, the second was even smoother and my third even better. Being able to monitor and watch the sales 24/7 myself gives ultimate control."
Victoria Dalglish

"We sold out all three nights well before the event. We had only positive comments and feedback regarding the booking process and how easy it was."
Michelle Stennett
Communications Office
Cannon Hill Anglican College

"For our fundraiser event, the functionality was great and system easy to use."
Shaun Murray
Climate Action Centre

"Hardly knew that we had a function going on. All went very smoothly and we had lots of good feedback from parents."
Denise Sadler
Business Manager
Doncaster Secondary College.

"I love your website, it's amazingly easy to use and really well designed!"
Louise Fischer
Project Administration Assistant
Playgroup Victoria.