Ravenswood School for Girls

A Case of Excellent Time Management

Last year Ravenswood School for Girls on Sydney's North Shore ticketed more than 15 performances online with TryBooking.

"Ticketing used to be very time consuming," explained Karen Merrick, Head of Performing Arts for Ravenswood School for Girls, "Previously the Music Administrator had to ticket manually. In addition to printing, handing out tickets and collecting cash, there were issues around people changing their minds, needing refunds or forgetting their tickets. It took a lot of time. So, as a time management tool, TryBooking really helped."

Every department benefited from the transition to online ticketing. "Being able to quickly generate reports and transfer funds was particularly helpful for our finance department.

Parents welcomed the change as it meant they could book and print their tickets from their home computers at a time that was convenient for them. "The switch to TryBooking was easy and all of our feedback was very positive. We advised in our newsletters and advertisements that tickets were available online through our website or directly using our TryBooking URL."

Looking ahead Karen continued, "We set up our Master Venue Templates (seating plans) for each of our venues so we can easily edit them for any event at any time. The plan now is to set up ticketing for all of our major performances at the start of the year so people can book everything at once if they want to. It's convenient for parents and guests, and it makes our life easier."

With ticketing set up ahead of time, tickets for Ravenswood girls' performances and events will automatically go on sale at the right time and tickets will sell without Ravenswood staff having to do anything except track sales and transfer revenue into their bank account.

I love TryBooking and recommend it to other schools, theatre companies, clubs, etc. Our school even uses it for fundraising and non-ticketed functions where we want to get RSVP's or guest lists," concluded Karen.

Karen Merrick
Head of Performing Arts
Ravenswood School for Girls

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