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Chasing Payments and Permissions ... Stop!

Like many schools, Prince Alfred College first used TryBooking to ticket a performance. Mon Saunders, Manager of Communications and Strategy recalled their first impressions, "Immediately we realised TryBooking would benefit our large musicals. From marketing through to ticket purchase and account reconciliation everything was simplified."

"Our school's response to TryBooking was overwhelmingly positive. Before our first event was even over, the Parents' and Friends' Association confirmed that they would use TryBooking for the Princes Contemporary Art Show... 12 months down the track!"

Prince Alfred College next ticketed a more complicated event. "For All That Jazz we had a combination of general admission and reserved tables," continued Mon. "We were able to easily sell multiple ticket types, and we were always current with accurate sale and revenue figures. Financial management was suddenly much easier with no duplicate invoices or racing to the bank to process cheques, cash and credit card payment. We no longer had to worry about the safety of cash on site."

"This greatly reduced the cost of ticketing because we reduced our time spent on administration and sales co-ordination. Then by linking our booking system to our eNews and eMarketing campaigns we enhanced ticket sales."

Realising the potential now for other school applications, Prince Alfred College took the innovative step of using TryBooking to facilitate payment for their Year 7 Citizenship Trip to Canberra. "We sent a letter home to parents that provided the option to pay online via our TryBooking link. In the past, parents sent money (cheques, cash, credit card) into our Finance Department, and often made payments in stages.

It was a tedious process for everyone. The Finance department had to reconcile each payment against the student, then report non-payments to teachers for follow up. It was very cumbersome."

TryBooking changed all that. It enabled easy account reconciliation and money was transferred directly into our account online. We had less cash on premises and no one had to make a daily bank trip. Parents were still able to make payments in stages, and we were always up to date and with accurate reports.

Mon concluded, "Collecting payment and registration information online worked so well for Prince Alfred College's Canberra trip that we used the system to orchestrate payment for our Middle and Senior School visit to Sunrise Village Cambodian Orphanages in December"

"I can't say enough about the level and quality of customer support we received from TryBooking. All it took was a phone call to help us achieve creative solutions that exceeded our expectations. TryBooking's phone support is wonderful!"

Mon Saunders
Manager of Communications and Strategy
Prince Alfred College

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