Australian Ice Hockey League

Online Ticketing Shoots Winning Goal

  • Custom-built seating plans make fans happy
  • A lot less work on event day
  • Cash flow improved with early ticket sales

"Pre-selling online was great! For the first time we were able to offer reserved seating, and we had money in our account before the event even started." said Tim Frampton, Chair of The Australian Ice Hockey League. Tim wanted to modernize ticketing to reduce the time spent on managing door sales and to provide spectators with better services like reserved seating.


The Australian Ice Hockey League is the biggest ice hockey league in the Southern Hemisphere, with seven teams from New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT. During the course of the hockey season, April - September, each team plays approximately 24 games culminating in the finals. Eight teams play on the final weekend with two games on Saturday and the Grand Final played on Sunday. Prior to 2008 tickets were only available at the door and all seating was general admission.

Tim heard about TryBooking through a local school that used TryBooking to sell ride and food tickets for their fete. Since every rink has a different layout and capacity Tim needed a flexible seating plan that could be custom-built for each venue. He also needed to allow for flexible pricing structures and multiple day tickets so spectators could purchase tickets for one game or all three.

"There will probably always be some door sales, because we only find out which teams play in the Grand Final the day before. We blocked out a seating area for door sales and easily managed the smaller number of sales on the day," continued Tim. "It was probably a bit late in the day, towards the end of August, when I contacted TryBooking," said Tim. "But they couldn't have been more helpful. I was super impressed with their service and problem solving. They worked on every issue I had until we found solutions."

"The reports were great. We had a much better idea of how the event was selling, and ticket sales were up a bit on previous years with about 2500 people attending the finals series," said Tim. Most of the tickets were sold online greatly reducing work for AIHL and the time it took spectators to enter the arena on game days.

"The ability to have discount codes was particularly useful," said Tim. "Our sponsors get discounted tickets and we provide free entry to the media. I gave them the codes and they booked online, using the discount codes. It was very easy and straightforward." conclusion

"Selling online with TryBooking was miles ahead of what we’ve done in previous years. Absolutely we will use TryBooking again. I'm looking forward to using the barcode facility. That should get people into the arena more quickly and prevent problems with pass-outs," enthused Tim.

Looking Forward

"It's a no-brainer for us to sell general admission tickets through TryBooking for our regular season as well. It will make everything easier for the teams and provides a better revenue stream," concluded Tim.

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