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If you are looking for an Award Winning, creative, professional, dedicated and best web designer, Your search ends here! I’m Mozi, an independent UI designer & front-end developer in Chandigarh, India. I work with team members and organization who aims to have an effective online presence in creating professional and attractive websites as per web standards. Please have a look at my latest work.

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A little about Designer Mozi

Hi! welcome to Moziweb a webdesign studio of Mozi, a creative, best, professional and progressive web design studio in India. Mozi who specializes in front-end designing/development, logo creation, Illustration design, Banner work and web design solutions.

I have 7+ years experience of working online for individuals and organizations, Completed many web design projects, Some of them are presented here as samples of my work

Recognition Stuff

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Services I provide

  • Website Design
  • HTML/CSS and Bootstrap
  • Responsive website
  • UI Designs
  • Infographics Designs
  • Logo Development
  • Illustrations & Icons Designs
  • Banner Creation
  • Commercial Image Manipulation
  • Photo-retouching

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Realzone is a PSD theme suitable for real estate website. The theme will be soon available as HTML template.....


I Owns Moziweb and Brightwebstudio. I love to write often you can view my blog for graphic design tips, technology, life and motivation etc.

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Work Showcase


Worked on Website Redesign

Role: Web Interface, Bootstrap, HTML & CSS

Client: Grant

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Planet Entry Level

I worked on a Logo design for Planet Entry Level website it's basically a job board.

Role: Logo Design

Client: Jonathan Hedvat

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Rabble was launched in April 2012, It is a real-time chat application. My role was to create a great design which contains nice colors scheme, typography and can perform/work well on mobile, tablet and desktop. The site is programmed by the Jonathan Stark.

Role:Web Interface, HTML & CSS, Responsive Design and Logo

Client: Jonathan Stark

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I was appointed to make a Logo where Digitamite word should reflect the explosive effect as dynamite do, This is currently under development.

Role: Logo Design

Client: Peter B.

Digitamite logo design

Columbine & Cactus

Columbine & Cactus is a great name in flower shop they provides high quality product and excellent customer service. I worked on Web interface.

Role: Web Interface

Client: Roland P.

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First Baptist Church of Vincennes

I helped to make the web interface for this Church website. Jason and the FBC members were looking a simple and clean design, I was free to use my own skill to make the design beautiful as well as worthy.

Role: Web Interface

Client: Jason Adkison

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Laughing My Ticket Off

Laughing my ticket off was a small project, it was basically a traffic school website I was appointed to make the website cool and funloving.

Role: Web Interface, Logo, Html and CSS

Client: Michelle

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Crawl Run Fly

I helped to make the interface design, currently under development.

Role: Web Interface

Client: Winson C.

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Heels Above

Heels Above is a small business website sells a device which sits on the bottom of a woman's high heel that saves heels from sinking into grass, mud, cracks and grates. It needed to be creative yet commercial, feel-good and up-market.

Role: Web Interface

Client: Jeremy & Nicole

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I'm accepting new projects if you want your idea to become a reality then Send an email to info@moziweb.com and describe your project.

Good design is…

  • Innovative
  • Ground-breaking
  • Modern as well as makes a product useful
  • Makes a product explicable
  • Straightforward/Uncomplicated
  • Long-lasting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • As little design as possible

This is fully responsive website and will adapt to the size of the screen or type of device you are using to view it with. The illustration you found on the site is created by me.